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We asked our members what they like about being a member of the Phoenix Camping Club, below you will see some of their views.  We hope that by reading their comments you will discover that the club is just what you are looking for, friendly, interesting and the opportunity to camp all over the country with other single people.


"I love my camping trips away with the Phoenix", says Pauline,

"even when the weather is wet there is always something to do together."

“It was so great to play cards again, first time since I lost my husband,

we used to play every evening. The game of Basque is a great way to

get to know other members.”  Joan

“My first Phoenix meet was in York during the Covid ‘rule of six’

period and in fact, the small group size made for a very welcoming,

relaxed experience.  I walked with a few folk one day, cycled with

one of the group another day, and at one point also visited

some non-Phoenix friends who were holidaying in North Yorkshire.

It was the perfect mix; I haven’t looked back since!” Catherine

“I would not camp alone and joining the Phoenix Club is one of the

best things I have done. It provides fun and friendship without

pressure and the security of knowing there are people there

to help when and if needed.  It also gives you the chance to see

parts of the country that you might not see otherwise.”  Kay


“I joined the group at Hidden Valley, Devon and enjoyed meeting

like minded people.  It was my first trip in my new van and I must

say it is better to drive than my car.”  

Marion from Truro, Cornwall (the land of pasties and cream)

“It is good to out for a meal with friends,enjoy their company and know that everyone pays for their own meal, no embarrassment

with who pays for what.”  Sue

“Joining Phoenix is the best thing I have done this year.  It has given me the confidence to camp further afield on my own knowing there will always be a friendly face to share things with. I have enjoyed great company, dogs included, and have had lots of fun and laughs. There is also a good chance of meeting people I have met before which is a bonus.  I’m now looking forward to doing even more next year.  Stella

“Since I joined Phoenix, I have made new friends all over the country, visiting lots of new places whilst always having somebody to do different activities with. At the same time it is ok to spend a little time alone when one wishes.  A really great club and concept.”  Marian


"As a new member of Phoenix I’m having a great time meeting new people and making friends. I really appreciate all the hard work that goes into organizing these events which give so many people a lot of pleasure. I’m certainly glad I joined and look forward to lots more fun times." Marly

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