Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to stay for the entire meet?   No, you can arrive later than the published start, or leave before the meet finishes. All we ask is you let the host know.

What type of sites do you use for your meets?   We use Camping & Caravanning Club  and Caravan  and Motorhome Club sites quite a bit.  Although it is not a requirement of Phoenix that you belong to either, membership of one or both gives you access to a wider choice of meets.  We also use a variety of commercial sites and occasionally camp on a rally field where you have to use your own facilities.

Can I come along to a meet before joining the Phoenix Camping Club?   Sorry not to camp with us, but it may be possible for you to join us for coffee on a meet by prior arrangement.

How do I find out where the meets are?  Once you have joined you will receive our bi-monthly  newsletter by email or post, which includes the programme of meets.  As a member you can also request access to the Members' Area of the website, which will have the latest information on meets.  There is a summary of meets on the Programme page, as information for prospective members.

Are dogs allowed at your meets? Yes, many of our members have dogs and they are welcome at all Phoenix meets, as long as the owner obeys any rules the site may have.  Quite often at meets you will find that the dog owners arrange a walk together, which non dog owners are more than welcome to join in.  We do ask that you do not bring dogs to the daily get together, as it can become a bit chaotic with several dogs in a smallish space ... and not every member is a dog lover. 

What age are your members?   Most members, with a few exceptions, tend to be over 60, as members often join following bereavement or on retirement, when there is more time for camping.  Our younger members often juggle work commitments and camping.  All ages are most welcome.

How many members have tents?  We have a handful of members with tents, most have motorhomes, campervans and caravans.   What outfit you have does not matter.

How many people attend the meets?   Most meets are hosted by individual members and numbers attending can vary from 3 or 4 up to 20+.  The Committee runs a Spring meet and an AGM meet in the Autumn which are  bigger, with 40 or 50 members attending.

Are there more women than men?  No, we have roughly equal numbers of men and women though that may not be reflected on every meet.


How Much are site fees?  This varies a lot!  £16-£18 a night, including electric hook up, would be typical currently, but occasionally we get cheaper rally rates on a commercial site.  If in doubt it is best to ask the host of the meet in question.  


Can I bring a friend or relative to a Phoenix Meet?  Sorry no, we do not allow two people in one unit on meets, but you may have day visitors on site.

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