Do I have to stay for the entire meet? No, at most of our meets you can dip in and out as you like, ie. coming later than the published times or leaving before the meet finishes. All we ask is you let the host know.

What type of sites do you use for your meets? We use Camping & Caravanning Club sites, Caravan  and Motorhome Club sites, commercial sites with full facilities and occasional greenfield sites where there are no facilities other than water and waste disposal.

Can I come along to a meet before joining the Phoenix Camping Club? Sorry no, but it may be possible for you to come to one of our coffee mornings we hold on site each day. Please make contact through email at: enquiries@thephoenixcampingclub.co.uk to see if we can arrange this.

Why do you not publish full details of where your meets are on your website? As we are strictly a club for single, widowed or divorced people who live and camp alone, we need prospective members to sign that they fit this criteria before informing them of where our meets are.

How do I find out where the meets are? We publish a bi-monthly newsletter which is sent to all members either by post or email, we also have a Facebook page where you can "chat" to other members. Meets are not normally put on the Facebook page but sometimes if a Host requests it then it will be. Once you are a member you can request access to the Members' Area on this website, this is where you will find full information about future meets.  The Programme tab above will give brief details of date and location.

Are dogs allowed at your meets? Yes, many of our members have dogs, they are welcome at all Phoenix meets, they must obviously be on a lead whilst on site and you must clear up any unwanted mess they might make. Quite often at meets you will find that the dog owners arrange a walk together, which non dog owners are more than welcome to join in. We do ask that you do not bring them along to the morning coffee meeting as it can be a bit chaotic with several dogs on leads together in a smallish space, especially when there are hot drinks around.

What age are your members? We do not have an age limit, we have members in their 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s, I would say the average age is 60+.

How much are the meet fees? This is a difficult one to answer, we use Camping & Caravanning sites and Caravan Club sites.  You can find their cost either on their sites book or online. Some commercial sites we get a rally rate and this can be as low as £6 per night including electric hook up. If in doubt, phone the host whose details are published on our members' forum and the newsletter.

Do I have to be a member of the Camping & Caravanning Club or the Caravan Club to join Phoenix? No, it is not a requirement of Phoenix that you belong to either club. You may find it benefical to join as the site fees on their sites are cheaper to members of their club. Some of our members belong to both clubs, whilst others belong to just one. Looking at our past meets, we tend to have more meets on Camping & Caravanning sites than on the Caravan Club sites, but this can change as it is members who put on the meets on sites they choose.

Do you have any meets run by the committee? Yes, we hold our AGM usually in September each year and our National Spring Meet in March/April.

How many people attend the meets? This can vary from just 4 or 5 members to over 40.

Can I bring along one of my relatives to a Phoenix Meet?  Sorry no, we do not allow anyone else to sleep in your unit, but you may have day visitors on site, you and your visitors will be asked not to join in with any Phoenix acitivites whilst they are with you.



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