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About Us

We are a national camping club exclusively for single people, many widowed or divorced, who live and camp alone.  In our club, if a member ceases to be single, they are expected to leave, which means that all our members are on an equal footing socially.  We are definitely not about dating!


We are a friendly easy-going group of people who enjoy camping together.   We have about 250 members across the UK, which makes the Club small enough to get to know people quite quickly.  Members camp individually in tents, caravans, motorhomes and campervans

Our Camping Programme

Our camping get-togethers are called meets.    We try to arrange a full and interesting programme of meets all over the country.  Often there can be 2 or 3 linked meets in an area which make it worthwhile to travel further afield.  Meets are put on by members at a location and campsite of their choice, so the programme will vary each year.   Some meets are quite small with maybe only 3 or 4 members, others may be bigger with 15+ members.   Members may attend any meets they choose, joining and leaving when they chose.  There are two bigger meets in the Spring and Autumn which are organised by the Committee, where we might get 40 -50 attending.


The programme of meets is published in the 2 monthly newsletter and is also available in the members only area of the website with more meets being added as the year progresses.  

Scarborough dinner 2.jpg

Members enjoy dinner together at the 2022 AGM meet at Scarborough

We take our pets with us and meet many more animals on our travels

We use Camping and Caravan Club (CCC) and Caravan and Camping Club (CMC) sites quite a lot, as their pricing structure can be favourable to solo campers.  It widens your choice of meets if you are a member of CCC or CMC or both.  However, meets are also held on commercial sites or occasionally in the warmer months on a rally field without hook up, where you need your own facilities.

At the meets, we usually have a daily get together around 10am or 5pm to discuss plans for that day/next day.  None of the activities are compulsory but we do try hard to ensure that everyone is included, if they so wish.   A lot of our members enjoy walking and cycling, but some meets will inevitably be more active than others.  Most meets will include a walk¸ visit to place of interest, a meal out or trip to the local pub.  Dog walking is popular too.


Do please have  a look at the Frequently Questions (FAQ) tab for the answers to the questions that other people have asked

Photos are often taken at meets and may be used to illustrate the website.  Please make fellow members aware if you do not wish to appear in photos that might be shared and withdraw yourself, wherever possible, from any photos being taken

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