about us

The Phoenix Camping Club was formed in 2000 for the purpose of giving single people the opportunity to camp and caravan all over the UK, and sometimes abroad, with people in a similar position to themselves. The first inaugural meet was held on 20 May 2000 at Comberton where 28 members attended.

The ethos of the club was then, and still remains today, a national camping club for people who live and camp alone.  Membership has grown steadily over the years and now meets are organised all over the UK by members for the benefit of all members.  The Phoenix Camping Club are members of ACCEO which gives us 3rd party liability insurance at reasonable rates, through them we are also able to hold our exemption certificate which allows us to camp on unlicensed ground. The club is non-profit making. Subscriptions cover the cost of producing and posting the newsletter and other administrative costs. All Committee members are volunteers and receive no remuneration. Any money made through raffle sales, etc is put back into the club.

We hold two national meets a year, our Spring meet and the AGM in September/October. Club meets, some of which last a few days while others may last a week, are open to all members. Some are what we call ‘back to back’ meets; this is where a meet is tagged onto another meet not too far away. Each meet may well have a different host.  The majority of our meets are naturally held from March until November, but we even cover Christmas and the New Year with meets held especially to enjoy the festivities in the company of other members. There is no requirement to attend a meet from day one or to stay until the last day, you can dip in and out as suits you.  Instead of being on your own on site, you will be given the opportunity to join others in the daily activities. We usually get together on site each morning over coffee when members discuss what they would like to do. This may include a visit to a local stately home or a walk into town to have a look around and have some lunch. Some members enjoy cycling and may prefer to take a packed lunch with them.  If you want to do something entirely on your own, that’s fine. We all need our own space and time on occasions but there is bound to be something you can do with others that will be of interest to you.  Some years there is a tour outside the UK such as Ireland, France and Spain.

Our Committee Members - September 2019/2020
Linda Litchfield
Sarah Vercoe
Alf Bower
Newsletter Editor
Marion Alexander
Marilyn Waters
Membership Secretary
Philip Elworthy
Committee Member
Jacqui Martin
Committee Member
Steve Vare
Committee Member
Linda Bushell Webmaster